Master Anand M. Kambli

Master Kambli in Sion (VS)


The New Clinic is located in Sion, Canton of Valais - Its main aim is to provide Samvahan Therapy to the Patients in Europe - Also to teach and spread the Samvahan Therapy. 

Master Anand M. Kambli founded ShivaAnanda Centre & Institute of Samvahan Therapy, (Treatment, Training & Research) in Pune, India in the year 2004


He offers all his success at the feet of his beloved master, Dr Ram Bhosle, who transmitted pureness of Samvahan Vidya completely to him. Dr Ram Bhosle and Mahavatar Babaji - still guide him in his practice. 


He has treated thousands of patients across the world, his patient’s include Politicians, Corporates, Actors, Sports professionals, Dancers and Musicians. 


He has received various recognitions for his successful cases and for honouring Dr Ram Bhosle's life work in Samvahan, his work is published in different magazines and books in USA and Europe.


During his first meeting with Dr Bhosle - he experienced the power of healing vibrations - from that day his life was transformed by the blessings, love and teachings of Dr Bhosle - on their second meeting he blessed Anand saying - "You will be successful in Samvahan vidya, spread the teachings of samvahan across the world and make people pain free"