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Samvahan for Health Issues

The healing vibration that resides in the floor of the pelvis, the seat of the Root Chakra. The vibration that arises from this Chakra, has a profound healing effect on health in patients. The vibration that begins in the First Chakra passes through Master Anand's body and out of his hands, into the bodies of his patients. It creates the cellular beginning of healing wherever its directed. 


Master Anand uses the subtle vibrations to calm relieve strained muscles, set joints, and fixed long-term back problems. He pays particular attention to the spine and spinal nerves, as well as the liver and digestive system. He also treats the energy channels called "nadis," and the nerves that correspond to them. 

Samvahan Therapy can be highly helpful in treating Physical ailments and Emotional issues like Stress and Depression - With Samvahan Therapy Master Anand has successfully treated cases such as infertility, insomnia, chronic migraines, paralysis, obesity, blindness, respiratory diseases, pre and post surgery, sciatica, hormonal imbalances, hemiplegia, hypertension, slipped discs, and complete nerve dysfunction, to name a few…



                                                                                 Samvahan Demo Video  


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