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Samvahan practitioner Dr Aanand Kambly (AM) has healed countless people across the globe for last 12 years to optimum health through an Ancient Indian Art of Healing Massage called ''SAMVAHAN''. He offers all his success at the feet of his master, Dr Ram Bhosale, who transmitted Samvahan in details. Dr Ram Bhosale and Mahavatar Babaji - still guide him in his practice. 

Dr Aanand remembers his first meeting with Dr Bhosale - it was the first time he experienced what vibrations are - Dr Ram's teachings - his blessings - his words - his love - all changed his life. He blessed Dr Aanand saying - You will be successful in Samvahan and help people across the globe, spread the teachings of samvahan and make people pain free. 

Samvahan Therapy, has helped correct everything from migraine headaches to chronic fatigue, orthopaedic neuromuscular disorders to depression.

For those on medications, Dr Aanand said Samvahan Therapy will not interfere. He recommends that anyone undergoing medical treatment continue to follow their doctor's advice and let them know before starting any alternative program.

II Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om II

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